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WARNING: If You Eat This For Breakfast It May Be Killing You…


Recent lawsuit filed by Lewis Daly (Brooklyn, New York) claims that the popular oats by Quaker contains a carcinogenic substance called glyphosate. Back in 2015 glyphosate was found to be harmful for the humas Filing a class action in the Federal District Courts of both New York and California, Daly claims that trace amounts of glyphosate were found after testing Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute product. The suit will seek customer refunds and an insistence that the oatmeal company disclose the use of glyphosate to consumers.

Glyphosate is a very popular herbicide used in the treatment of weeds and might be found in lots of popular weed treatment products, like Roundup and Ortho. Daly don’t claim that Quaker Oats use of the weed killer is wrong, as much as he opposes the company’s claim of their products that are 100 % natural are untrue and misleading to their customers.

PepsiCo owns Quaker Oats, and they maintain that their products are grown, harvested, produced and sold completely through responsible means. They claim that their oats go through a cleansing process that removes every significant levels of herbicide.

Actually, independent testing of Quaker Oat oatmeal showed that the Quick 1-Minute product contains only 4% of the allowable limit, which puts the oatmeal well below the minimum levels that are accepted by the EPA.

Source: homehealthyrecipes.com

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