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Watch This Man Put a Tape on His Smartphone Camera’s Flash and Colors It. The Truth Shines Bright!


There are microscopic threats in your house that cannot be seen with a naked eye. One smart man has found a way to locate these threats and keep his house clean. You should be aware that germs spread can lead to many infectious diseases.

These tiny invaders can make us sick by getting inside our bodies without even noticing. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa are the four biggest germ types. Unfortunately, germs are all around us: in the air, on food, plants, animals, soil, and water. So, you need to protect yourself and your family. In addition, this is what the smart guy did:

Simply put, all you will need is your smartphone, a scotch tape and blue and purple sharpies.

This trick will transform the flash on your smartphone’s camera into a black light. Black lights are helpful in many ways, such as for spotting fake currency, urine stains, germs, etc. After doing this trick you can go on a hunt after germs and other nasty stuff.

Everything you need to do is simple: First, put some tape over the flash on your phone. Take the blue sharpie and color over the tape. Let it dry and put another layer of tape over it. Then, color this layer generously with the blue sharpie too. To finish, one last layer of tape, but color it with the purple sharpie.

And, that’s it! Now you have made a germ finder out of your camera.

Now, what’s left is to turn off the light, grab your phone, head to the bathroom or any other area you want to check for germs and prepare yourself for what you’ll see! It will leave you speechless!

You have learned how to make a personal X-ray vision for spotting toilet germs through your smartphone camera.

Source: mycentralhealth.com