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What Happens When You Crack Your Neck?


A lot of people have a habit to turn their neck so it can crack. This is somehow enjoyable because it provides a feeling of relaxation. Cracking of the neck, and bones in general, is actually releasing of gasses synovial fluid.

When you crack your spine or neck, gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are released, thus bubble is created, which actually makes the cracking sound. This is when you feel temporary relief.

This habit can cause occurrence of variety of diseases and health conditions, but remember that arthritis is not one of them. Donald L. Unger has cracked only one of his hands for 30 years in order to solve the mystery around this problem and arthritis occurrence.

If your spine, neck and shoulders make these cracking sounds then it is highly recommendable to pay a visit to your doctor because you might be dealing with something more serious.

The process of cracking tends to stretch the ligaments. Stretching makes the ligaments unstable.

When the ligaments are unstable, they are less likely to perfectly maintain managing the head’s weight, which can cause pain. This does not have to mean that cracking the joints does not imply you have some kind of health problems.

Try the following methods. If they do not work for you or you simply doubt them, make the right thing and visit a doctor.

1. Method – fist

Place your fist slightly to the right side of your chin.

Push gently towards the left side, and you will hear and feel the cracking.

Place your open palm on the left side of your chin and slightly push to the right.

Make sure you have heard the cracking sound.

2. Method – place your chin onto the palm

In order to hear the cracking sound form the left side of your neck, take your chin with the left hand and place the fingers onto the left cheek. It would be a good idea to massage the neck or stretch.

Place the right hand on the nape, behind the left ear.

Gently tilt your head counterclockwise, by pushing the chin to the left, while gently pulling the head in the opposite direction with your right hand. You will most likely hear the cracking sound, while your muscles are stretched

Crack the other side of the neck the same way you did with the first, only in the opposite direction and using the opposite hands.

Tilt the chin on the right palm and turn your head clockwise.

Gently twist your neck, by applying sufficient pressure. Remember that while doing this you ought not to feel pain because if you feel pain you are doing something wrong and might complicate the whole situation.

Source: healthandwellness365.com