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Why Should We Bury A Rotten Egg in The Soil? The Most Brilliant Trick Ever!


Eggs contain many nutritious elements, their shells can be a perfect fertilizer and the yolk can supply calcium.

You will need the following:

  • Raw egg
  • Soil for planting
  • Flowerpot

How to prepare the soil?

  • Take the flower pot and put some of the soil at the bottom
  • Spread the egg across the soil
  • Put the rest of the soil over the egg to cover it
  • After a while the egg will start rotting, thus fertilizing the soil

According to some people, you can also use bananas, they should have the same effect. After the soil is fertilized, plant the seeds according to the instructions for that specific plant.

You don`t have to use only fresh eggs, you can also put the ones that have gone bad. The plant that will grow is going to be strong and healthy because of the soil rich in the nutrients it needs.

Source: http://healthadviceteam.com/