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Wife Doesn’t Think Message On Car Asking For Kidney Will Work — Until She Gets A Call (VIDEO)


Messages written on a car usually refer to a car sale rather than on kidney donation but for Jennifer her request was beneficial. Jennifer’s husband Peter was seriously ill and he was dying. He needed a kidney transplant, but there was no suitable donor.

In a desperate need of a kidney, Jennifer wrote a message on her car where she listed the phone number, her husband’s blood type and a plea for donation.

Despite the message, the couple shared the story with the local news and luckily Kelly was watching. She had the same blood type as Peter and she felt sorry for his daughters. Peter reminded her of her father who was ill when she was 5 and died when she was very young because of serious illness.

She phoned Jennifer and Peter, Peter could not believe what he heard. Ten minutes later, he had a stroke. Although it was a difficult period to come, they won’t give up and Peter had a will to live. Then, the surgery proved a success.

Now Peter has a new sister Kelly and they are forever bonded with life, holding hands as two old friends.

Source: dailyhealthremedies.top