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Wife Refuses To Pull The Plug On Her Husband. 3 Years Later He Woke Up And Spoke


When you meet the love of your life, you want to spend every moment with them. You love being around them and you appreciate every little thing they do. You couldn’t imagine life without them, and if anything was to happen to them, it would tear your world apart.

This story will tug at your heart strings. It is a story of true love, strength, compassion and power.

Matt David was married to a beautiful young woman named Danielle. They were inseparable – until one fateful day that almost tore them apart.

Tradgedy hit them like a blow to the head, and thankfully this young couple came out of it on the other side, but in the process, they realized just how deep their love was for one another.

They never gave up on the fight, and stood by one another through the toughest situation imaginable.

Matt was involved in an almost fatal motorcycle accident that left him comatosed.

Doctor’s told his wife, Danielle, that he had really low chances of surviving and even if he does survive, there is no telling what shape he will be in if he comes out of the coma.

Doctors advised Danielle that as Matt’s chances of survival were so low, she should make the decision to turn off his life support machine. Not only would he then be free from suffering, but the rescources could be used on someone who is guaranteed to survive. Danielle did not listen to the medical staff, though.

She knew Matt could make it. She wasn’t going to give up on him.

‘I knew that God could get us through that,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t think it was too big for God’. So she took Matt out of the hospital and moved him home where she and his mother shared the burden of taking care of him 24/7.

As Matt slowly begn to recover, Danielle heard two words come from his mouth. ‘I’m trying’. In that moment she was determined to keep strong and hold her faith.

When he did finally come out of his coma he did not recall the last three years of his life, but the couple is happy and healthy now, their love stronger than ever.

Matt today attends therapy and is living life to the fullest. Danielle has written about her husband ‘One conversation with Matt will change your life. He has a servant’s heart and a love for people. He never complains or feels anger about his circumstance’. So inspiring!