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The WiFi, Cellphones, iPads Have Bad Effects On The Kids’ Brains – Over 100 scientists Made Petitions For UN


The modern technology makes our life easier but also has many side effects too. The electromagnetic waves from such gadgets affect the DNA and even makes a higher risk of brain cancer.

Of course kids have thinner skulls and they are more prone to radiation. The cell phone can increase risk of brain cancer.

Group of 31 experts of 14 countries made a statement  about the dangers of cell phones.

Here in the video below, Dr. Devra Davis talks on the dangers of cell phones.


1. Never let kids use cell phones for too long.

2. Limit cell use- if you are at work or at home, use land line and cell must be used in urgent cases only.

3. Never use cell phone with low reception- if there is low reception, the phone has to use more power and this makes more radiation. Use it only with full bars and good reception.

4. Store the phone safely-no more phone near the body, place it further, or in the bag and also use headset for calls.


  • No more gadgets in the lap
  • Limit electronics like electronic blankets and heat pads.
  • Keep devices 7 inches further from the body when you sleep.
  • Get a flat screen TV and flat PC monitors that emit less EMFs.
  • Walk barefoot. The body gets negative ions of the ground as we walk and this reduces stress hormones.
  • Get Himalayan salt lamps and beeswax candles to get more EMFs of the air like ionizers.