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Women Be Sure to Make Yourself Facial Cream of Parsley, Here’s Why (RECIPE)


Ingredients for the cream:

  • 50 g of fresh leaves of parsley, preferably from your own garden or buy from someone who does not use chemicals
  • 120 ml of homemade olive oil
  • about 10 g of beeswax (about 6 teaspoons finely minced wax, when checking the density of the cream should be hard)

Fry the parsley with oil at a low temperature for about half an hour. Stir all the time, wringing out the juice from the leaves. After half an hour leaves should darken. Then pour the mixture into a small jar, close and put in a warm place for 2-3 days. You can add lavender essential oil at the end, if you do not like the smell.

After 3 days the mixture heat up and strain through sterile gauze. Again heat up the strained oil and add beeswax. Heat as soon as the wax melts.

Combine different variants, any essential oil.

The cream can be used for massage. The massage will stimulate better circulation than just an ordinary application of the cream on the skin. It is especially good for massaging legs, in case of visible capillaries that are especially common in women with cellulite. Cream of parsley becomes a multi-purpose if you simply mix all ingredients in a cream.

Source: http://royalbeautymagazine.com/


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