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Women Ignore Them, Doctors Often Misdiagnose It: These Are the First Two Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian cancer refers to any cancerous growth that occurs in the ovary. The majority of ovarian cancers arise from the epithelium (outer lining) of the ovary.

In the early stages, ovarian cancer usually has few symptoms; in many cases, there are no symptoms at all.

This disease spreads in the past few years, and because of the invisible symptoms, people often refer to it as “ a silent killer”.

Constantly, we disregard the signs of a grave health condition, thinking that it is a temporarily, harmless illness, such as colds, flu. Take care of your health condition all the time, and be careful in determining the duration of your symptoms. If the symptoms are there no longer than  a week, it is not something serious, but if they are there for a longer period, 4 weeks or more, you should definitely pay your doctor a visit, and do the needed analysis and examinations.


  • 22 percent of women had abdominal pain that persisted for longer than two weeks, not associated with diarrhea or vomiting.
  • 18 percent had urinary symptoms, such as incontinence, that grew increasingly worse over two or three weeks’ time. “Incontinence usually happens gradually over several years, not that quickly,” says Yawn.
  • 10 percent of the women had spotting problems, unusual among women over age 40. “Usually by then things have settled down quite a bit,” she explains.

Source: healthyandnaturalhouse.com