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You’re Awake Between 3-5 in the Morning? Some Supernatural Power Is Trying to Tell You Something!


According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, waking up at certain hours overnight is related to some kind of medicinal problem. The ancient practice says that every organ is active while we sleep, so any kind of problem with that organ might be robbing you of sleep overnight.

For example, the practice says that waking up between 9-11 PM is a result of stress – here’s what waking up between other hours overnight means:

9-11 PM

 As we said, waking up in these hours is caused by stress. Stress has a negative impact on our sleeping patterns, so try to relax before going to bed if you want to rest properly. Try doing yoga or some breathing exercises.

11 PM – 1 AM

Emotional disappointment might be keeping your eyes wide open at this point of the night. According to the ancient practice, the gallbladder is the most active organ between these hours, so you might try resolving any problems related to it in order to sleep better.

1-3 AM
Staying awake between 1-3 AM is caused by excess anger. Meditate before going to bed or drink a glass of water to resolve the problem.

3-5 AM

Waking up at this point of the night is caused by a higher power trying to communicate with your directly. It also means that your somehow connected to a larger purpose, so pray more and try to relax before going to bed.

5-7 AM

Staying awake between 5-7 AM is related to some kind of emotional blockage. During these hours, the bowel is the most active organ, so try going to the bathroom in order to sleep well.

As you can see, Traditional Chinese Medicine resolves the mysteries of sleeping pretty accurately. Follow the advices written above to resolve the problems and get proper rest.

Source: healthykeeper.net