Whether you’re hosting your very own Easter party or just interested in amazing desserts, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Easter treat ideas to get you inspired!

  1. Dome Cake with a Hidden Surprise

If a dome cake topped with a whole family of marshmallow rabbits wasn’t incredible enough, this cake is a game-changer when you cut into it. Out comes the hidden surprise of little carrot sweets and it all is just too cute!

2. Bunny Cake

No celebration is complete with out an animal themed cake. We absolutely love this take on the Easter bunny — it’s so adorable!

3. Easter Themed Cake Pops

A handy way to use any leftover cake is to turn it into cake pops. These adorable cake pops will be sure to delight the little ones and be a delicious bite-size treat!

4. Easter Egg Cookies

Need another way to entertain the kids other than with an Easter egg hunt? Why not set up a cookie-decorating booth! The kids will be able to get creative with their Easter egg cookie designs and then eat them after — even more treats for them to enjoy.

5. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Carrots

Simple to make but sure to impress, these chocolate-dipped strawberry carrots will definitely become a favourite amongst children and adults alike if served at your Easter party.

6. Not your Average ‘Eggs’

Breakfast would be much more fun if all eggs had cake inside them! In fact, our days would be much sweeter if we just went to straight to dessert and ate cake for every meal. Now that’s an idea we would get on board with!

7. Chocolate Nest Cake

Chocolate nests can be so much more when they are perched on top of a decadent cake. One thing is for sure; there is no such thing as too much chocolate!

If you are looking for treat ideas this will inspire you. If you’re still unsure about your treats, and cakes why not check out “make our cake”  for bespoke cakes and treats


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